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I was an insecure teenager looking to change my body shape and fitness levels. I wanted to fill out my tops and look good in my clothes but I never knew how….

I played sports, always average, never great at that “something”. A friend handed me a set of 3kg dumbbells, that’s when I started to workout in my bedroom and found my passion for training. As I saw my body grow, my confidence grew, so I joined a gym… I loved it, I’d found my something!

Always there after school or before work. I would go everyday if I could. Pushing myself, seeing results, pushing myself harder, seeing more results. Determined to stick to a routine and stay consistent. Day after day, month after month I was able to build the physique I have today.

Now, as a certified Personal trainer & coach, I’m ready to share every secret, lesson and tip I’ve learnt over the years to allow you to achieve your dream body. My goal is to positively impact you and help you feel that same passion. Together we can maximise your training and results. Are you ready?


– Are you tired of making excuses for yourself?

– Do you often go a whole week with little or no exercise wishing you’d done more?

– If you’re ready to stop making excuses and start taking action, then now is the time to act!

As a personal trainer and online coach, I know there is a lot out there and you don’t often know what you’re getting.

I’ll be transparent. My online training and meal plans are programmed to be fully customised to your specific and personal needs, you’ll get realistic results whilst becoming part of the team.

I’ll be there with you every single step of the way on your fitness journey, to ensure you’ll achieve absolute maximum results.



All workout plans are tailored to your goals and needs. All plans are bespoke and will be designed completely for YOU and your schedule, whatever your goal. Your workout programme will have the most effective exercises suitable for your needs, it will be paired with exercise tutorials so you know exactly how to perform. Plans will be updated monthly to overcome plateaus and continue with progression.


You’ll have an online app powered by True Coach, where you’ll have complete access to your personalised workout programme and meal plans. Also, you will find all your exercise tutorials, workout / meal plan and track your progress all with a click of a button, ready for YOU whether you’re at home or in the gym so you can maximise your goals.


All meal plans are customised for YOU. Once I have all your details, you will receive a personalised meal plan where I will calculate your calorie and micronutrient requirements. Plans will be tailored to your dietary preferences. As you progress, I’ll change your calories and macros every month, adjust them according to your progress and overall goal. Plenty of variety will be provided to ensure you sustain motivation whilst enjoying your meals.


Don’t stress if you have any questions! Contact me 24/7 either directly through the app or via whatsapp




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